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On the Job Training Instructor (OJTI) for Air Traffic Control


The OJT and Certification process provdes the framework within which facilities cab establish an effective OJT program .the program is based on the belief that the ATC Facility values each individual. The OJT process involves sharing the accountability for the training outcome with the individual in training ,.the key is holding all parties involved accountable for the effectivenesss of the program . it is not a give-away program .Rather ,it is maximizing each trainee’s opportunity for learning ,without compromising standards of performance .

Program Components

Component Description of the Process

Facility Training Hours Training hours are now determind by each facility , not on a national basis.The following types of training hours are established by the facility using recent history and standards .

§ On-the-job familiarization (OJF) hours : During OJF , The trainee observes Experienced controllers at a particular operating position OJF hours ..

· Are not normally used to observe other trainees

· May be assigned to more than one position

· Are completed prior to beginning OJT on that position

§ Target hours : Target hours are the amount of OJT hours that are normally used by an individual to certify on a given operating position. They are called target hours because thry give the trainee and other a specific number of hours as a goal for completing training .An individual may certify at , above,or below the target hours . target hours ..

· Are determine be each facility for each operating position

· May be established for categories of individuals

Training Team A training team is established by the supervisor to guide an individual’s training . the training team consists of the individual’s coordinator , a primary OJT instructor , a secondary OJT instructor , and the trainee . the supervisor serves as the team leader and direct the training process based on recommendations from the other team members .the supervisor is the only person who can certify the individual, or suspend training.

Program Components

Component Description of the process

Plan for Training Before OJT begins ,the training team discusses the plan for training .the team reviews the individual’s training history and skills , and determines the operating position(s) for which OJF will be required.the training plan discussion includes the following elements:team responsibilities , training requirements , target hours and training timeframes . the date on which the training plan was discussed must be documented

Skill check skill checks provide an opportunity for the individual and other team members to receive feedback on how well training is progressing. skill checks ..

· Replace benchmark , periodic , and certification evaluations

· Do not count toward target hours

· Eliminate the requirement for the monthly OJT progress report

Skiil checks are performed by the individual’s supervisor or by another designated supervisor .there are two types of skill checks:

§ Performance skill checks : performance skill checks assess the progress being made and identify areas that might need improvement , performance skill checks must be conducted at 30% and 70%of target hours for each position , or at any time the training team recommends

§ Certification skill checks : A certification skill checks is a single session that allows that individual to demonstrate that he or she has the knowledge and skill level to certify on an operating position . certification skill check are conduted..

· Only by supervisors

· At the recommendation of the training team

· When target hours have been completed

· Only after the trainee has been notified.

The result of performance and certification skill checks are documented. Skill checks may result in the following :

· Continued OJT

· Other Types of Training

· Suspension of Training

· Certification (if a certification skill check is being conducted).

Program Components

Component Description of the process

Skill Enhancement Training The purpose of skill Enhancement Training is to help the individual correct weaknesses ,or to develop skills that cannot be obtained in the operational environment . skill enhancement training is not OJT, and therefore does not count toward target hours .skill enhancement training may include tutoring , simulation,monitoring and other training method that will help the individual to certify.

Additional OJT Hours Additional OJT hours may be assigned to individual who will not certify in the allotted target hours , but who , in the opinion of the training team , can certify with a set number of additional OJT hours .the training team can assign additional OJT hours up to 20 percent of the total target hours .twenty percent is the limit the training team is authorized to assign . however , there is a process in place that allows the facility to assign additional OJT hours above the 20 percent.

Training Review if training suspended due to OJT performance, a training review will be conducted. The purpose of review is to ensure that the individual was given every opportunity for success and that the integrity of the taining program has been maintained. The review is performed by a Controller Evaluation Board (CEB) assigned by the Air Traffic Control Facility Officer or deputy. This group may consist of a union representative and at least two of the following individuals: a first-level supervisor who is not the individual’s supervisor, a second-level supervisor, and the training chief.

The training review group may recommend the continuation of training including the assignment of a new training team, skill enhancement training, a new amount of OJT hours, or other actions that would help the individual certify. The group may also recommend that training be discontinued. The ATCFO or the Deputy considers the recommendations and make the final decision to continue or terminate training.

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