Sabtu, 03 Mei 2008

ATC Training Division - ICAI Curug Training Priciples


1. As to the program of training services, the following principles prevail :

Topicality – the most recent development is presented
Internationality – the highest possible cross-fertilization of international experience and information provided.
Flexibility – the best possible adaptation to user requirements is offered.
Modular Structure – the highest degree of combination of training modules for specific training purposes is making it possible to provide course on demand tailored to the specific needs of the user.

2. As the conduct of course, the following principles apply:

Efficiency – the most appropriate use of teaching method.
Cost/ Benefit – the maximum benefit in the least training time is aspired to.
Customer Orientation – the best interest of the user is sought.

3. As the use of simulators, the following principles apply:

– any airspace, air traffic and ATC system configure may be simulated.
Adaptability – any type of simulation exercise may be conducted.
Learner Orientation – orientation towards the needs of individual learner is ensured, notably through individual interactive skill-building exercises (“conversional” exercises)
Didactical Orientation – characterized by the search for, and application of facilities to analyze student performance on a general as well as on an individual scale.
Combination of Different Exercise Types – computer based training and techniques may be combined in the best interest of training progress and to improve the level of training standards.

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